Housing Costs


SUMMER 2013 Housing Rates

8 Meal Plan (payment plan) $570 per session/$1,140 for both sessions
8 Meal Plan (single payment) $547 per session/$1,094 for both sessions
$100 deposit ($50 refundable)
    • 5.1.13 Summer Deposit due
    • 5.23.13 Summer Session One - single payment due
    • 7.1.13 Summer Session Two - single payment due
    • 5.23.13 Summer Full Session - single payment due

FALL 2013 - SPRING 2014 Housing Rates

Living center costs and payment plan includes room and board
*Cost subject to change without notice

19 Meal & Double Occupancy Rates:
  Payment Plan $2,586 per semester/ $5,173 per year
  Single Payment $2,483 per semester/ $4,966 per year

Payment Information:

    • 6.1.13 Fall deposit due - $120 ($50 is refundable)
    • 8.16.13 Fall single payment due*
    • 11.1.13 Spring deposit due ($120 – for new incoming students for spring semester)
    • 1.10.14 Spring single payment due*
    • *Students not paying in full by the published deadlines are required to sign up for a payment plan offered thru the "NBS Payment Plan"

19 Meal Plan Information:

Meals can be used at any serving time, during any one week Sunday thru Saturday. Three meals served five days a week and four meals on the weekends are available for you to choose from.

Single room rate (addtional fee)
After the start of the semester, if a single room becomes available,
additional fee will apply to guarantee a single room.                               

$500 per semester

Deposit Information:

A deposit of $120 is required to reserve your room. Housing is reserved on a first come first serve basis. The required housing deposit includes a $100 facility deposit and a $20 programming deposit. Mandatory housing meetings are held once each semester with attendance resulting in a $10 refund per meeting. It should be understood that only up to $70 is refundable upon satisfactory completion of your living center commitment.

Housing Refunds:

Housing refunds(excluding deposit) are based on a declining scale during the semester. Prices subject to change.

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