Online Programs

Online learning definitely has its advantages:

  • Learn from the comforts of your home, office, or favorite relaxing spot
  • No travel time or challenges of getting to campus
  • Learning on your schedule. Whether it's at 5:00am, during the day, or midnight, online learning is suited to your busy schedule
  • Learn from wherever you are. Whether you are in Iraq, the beaches of Cancun, or right here in Great Bend, online learning is wherever you are
  • Online classes are very well organized and contain numerous learning opportunities
  • You can attend class in your PJs. Where else can you go and learn in most comfortable clothes?

Online learning is a useful and convenient way to get your education but it certainly has disadvantages depending on your learning style.

  • In most online courses there is no face-to-face contact with instructors or students. A majority of the contact with your teacher and fellow students is done thru e-mail, phone, or chat rooms within your course.
  • Online learning takes discipline. Since you don't actually physically attend your class, you are required to attend (log-in) to your class to keep up with the material
  • Expense. Usually online courses are a little more expensive then on-site classes. However, at Barton our classes are definitely affordable when compared to other online opportunities.

For more information about online learning opportunities please click on the following links:

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