When the Silver Cougar Club travels to special events that require a fee, our hosts require reservations and pre-payment. In order to meet these requirements, the club has adopted the following policy:

When you call to reserve your place for a Silver Cougar Club trip, we will send a confirmation letter and request for payment. We will request that you make payment before the required deadline.

In the event you need to cancel your reservation, all pre-paid fees will be refunded; provided the fees have not already been paid by the club for tickets, meals, entrance fees etc. Once the club has paid these fees, no refunds will be given.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Coleen Cape, Silver Cougar Club Coordinator at 620-786-1136 or email at capec@bartonccc.edu.



Members of the Silver Cougar Club (SCC) are eligible to take Barton classes at a reduced rate.  The members will not have to pay tuition, but only the $30 per credit hour fee plus any additional class fees. This benefit is limited to 6 credit hours per semester. In order to receive this benefit you must be a SCC member prior to enrolling in classes. If the SCC class has already begun, or if the semester has already begun for on-campus classes, you will not be allowed to use the discount benefit. If you have notified our office in advance and received permission to join the club on the first day of a SCC class , you will be allowed to enroll and receive the discount. Online classes are excluded from this benefit.



Credit Class-Drop/Refund Policy

Students dropping a credit class must complete a schedule change/withdrawal form to be officially withdrawn from that class. These forms are available from the Enrollment Services Office or an academic advisor. Any student who does not officially drop a class will receive a final grade of "F" and will still be charged for the class. To determine if you are eligible for a refund of fees paid, please refer to the Bulletin of Classes calendar for refund dates. IT IS THE STUDENTS RESPONSIBILITY TO DROP OR WITHDRAW FROM ANY CLASS. Please be reminded that dropping a class could affect the ability to receive future Silver Cougar Club Scholarship benefits. It would be beneficial to contact the Foundation Office prior to dropping any credit class a Silver Cougar Club member is enrolled.

Non-Credit Class Drop/Refund Policy

Once you have enrolled and participated in at least one non-credit class period no refunds will be given . If you so choose, you may quit attending, but your enrollment fee will not be returned to you.

If you have any questions regarding theses policies, please contact Coleen Cape, Silver Cougar Club Coordinator at 620-786-1136 or email at capec@bartonccc.edu.

Online classes are excluded for Silver Cougar Scholarship.

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