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This is an image of Coleen Cape the Coordinator of the Silver Cougar ClubSilver is a precious metal that never loses value - so it is with the members of the Silver Cougar Club (SCC).

I am Coleen Cape and it is my great pleasure to serve as the Coordinator of the Silver Cougar Club. I work with the Advisory Board and members of the foundation staff to plan classes, events, trips and social events. We proudly boast a membership of over 500 members and each of them is important to us. This organization is for individuals at least 55 years of age or older. Couples may join together, if one of them is at least 55 years old.

The club offers a variety of events and services, while promoting friendships among its members. Membership is very diverse and includes men and women, singles and couples, and members from a variety of communities.

Classes and trips are the main ingredients of the SCC. In addition, there are some events that are held at no cost! Members also receive advance notice, through its newsletter, of academic, athletic and artistic events happening on campus. On special occasions the club even offers transportation from the local Senior Center out to the college for those events.

The cost to join is $15.00 for a single membership and $25.00 for a couple membership. Service projects and volunteerism are also part of the Silver Cougar Club. As you can imagine the dynamics of the SCC changes almost daily, but one thing remains constant - the loyalty of our members and their common goal to learn and have fun!

Silver Cougar Club LogoFor more information on SCC events, classes and benefits, please contact the Foundation office at Barton Community College.


Coleen Cape 620-786-1136 or email


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