How to Apply for a Foundation Scholarship

To apply for a scholarship through the Foundation office of Barton Community College, please select one of the options for scholarship application listed below.  You will not be applying for a particular scholarship, but the information provided in the application will be used to match  criteria set by the donor.  Students may be eligible to receive both an academic (awarded through the financial aid office) and a Foundation scholarship.

Please note: per Kansas Jayhawk Athletic Conference regulations, receiving an athletic scholarship may affect your eligibility to receive a Foundation scholarship. You may contact the Foundation Office at 620-792-9306 if you have any questions regarding your scholarship eligibility.

Printable version--you will need to print this form, complete and mail to the Foundation office.

Electronic version--just click on this link complete the form and submit directly to Foundation office.


Applying for 2013/2014?  There is no deadline, however those applications received by June 1, 2013 will receive first preference in the awarding process.



Have you applied for Federal Financial Aid?  If not you may want to check out the Financial Aid web-page for more details.

The Barton Community College Foundation sincerely thanks the donors whose generosity, vision, and foresight created the following endowments and annually funded scholarships which assist Barton Community College and its students:

Adams, Brown, Beran & Ball, CPA Scholarship

American State Bank Business Studies Scholarship

Anonymously Funded Basics Program Scholarship

G. E. and Lois Alban Academic Scholarship

Elmer and Frances Amerine Scholarship

Regina Ault Scholarship

Golda Underhill Bailey Memorial Scholarship for Vocational Studies

Bank of America Scholarship

Nancy Bartley Scholarship

Barton Community College Alumni Association Endowment Fund

Barton Enhancement & Scholarship Team

Barton Community College Foundation Auction Honorarium Scholarship

Barton Community College Foundation Memorial Scholarship

Barton County Bar Association Scholarship

Barton County Medical Society Scholarship

Barton Faculty ECF Scholarship

Barton Community College Office Professionals Scholarship 

Amos Bayer Memorial Scholarship

Wayne Becker Memorial Scholarship

Virgil and Eloise Belford Scholarship

Craig and Jolene Biggs Scholarship

Danny and Darlene Biggs Scholarship

Danny and Darlene Biggs Nursing Scholarship

Robert Bonomo Memorial Scholarship

Maloy and Pauline Breitenbach Allied Health Scholarship

Neva and L. E. Brocher Academic Award

Clair and Jean Cavanaugh Scholarship

Central Kansas Upward Bound High School Scholarship

Central Kansas Upward Bound Transfer Scholarship

Challenge ECF Scholarship

Clara Barton Nursing Scholarship

George Cusick Scholarship

Edith and Harry Darby Foundation Scholarship

Jess E. Darnall Scholarship

Verna S. Davis Memorial Scholarship

Frank J. Dome Memorial Scholarship

Dove Chevrolet Buick Cadillac Scholarship

Quentin Dressler Memorial Scholarship for Vocational Studies

Irva E. Fair Drews Memorial Scholarship

Lynn and Hazel Duke Scholarship

Jackie Elliott Student Support Scholarship

Chrissie Roe Evans and Dick B. Evans Memorial Scholarship

Farmers Bank & Trust Agriculture Scholarship

Farmers Bank & Trust Financial Management Scholarship

Jerry E. Felkel Memorial Scholarship

Fellowship of Faith ECF Scholarship

First Baptist Church ECF Scholarship

F. D. Forbes Scholarship

Marilyn K. Funk-Charles Scholarship

Emil John Gabelmann Memorial Scholarship

Gus and Ethel Gagelman Memorial Scholarship

Clifford and Pauline Getz Scholarship

Great Bend Farm Equipment/Hopkins Scholarship

Ernest Grossardt Memorial Scholarship

Jeanette K. Haak Memorial Scholarship

Leila Hamilton Scholarship

Larry Harvey Memorial Scholarship

Heartland Riders for Christ Chapter Scholarship

Jim and Jo Ann Heaton Memorial Scholarship

Elsa Hiatt Academic Scholarship

Grant Lee Hoener Memorial Scholarship

Harold Hudnall Scholarship

Marian Isern Scholarship

Karen Jensen Ireland Memorial Scholarship

Barbara Jordan Memorial Scholarship

Graydon Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Edward L. “Dusty” Jones MLT Scholarship

Ramona J. Goering Keenan Memorial Music Scholarship

Stanley and Elizabeth Post-Kimple Memorial Scholarship

Mary King Fine Arts Endowment

Louis S. and Mary L. Kinzel Family Memorial Scholarship

Kirkman Endowment for Academic Studies

Ashton Knorr Koelsch Memorial Scholarship

Emmet and Elizabeth Koelsch Academic Scholarship

Helen M. Koopman Memorial Scholarship

Mary C. Krause Memorial Scholarship

The Kummer Family Scholarship

LCMHF Reaching Out From Within Scholarship

LaOpportunidad Scholarship

Clarence and Lucile Lebbin Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Raymond J. Leiker Scholarship for MLT Studies

Nell Lyons Scholarship

M. E. "Eustace" Marmie Memorial Scholarship

Wilfred B. Marquis Memorial Scholarship

Tony & Marguerite McAnulla Memorial Scholarship

Grace and Clay McConnell Memorial Scholarship

Bryan and LaVerne McCullough Endowment

J. A. Mermis, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Mid American Energy Holdings Company Scholarship

Betty L. Miller Memorial Scholarship

Marlene Morrison Endowment Fund

Keith and Marian Mull Endowment for Academic Studies

George and Ruth Murdy Memorial Scholarship

Roger and Mary Lou Murphy Scholarship

NACE International/Kansas Section of NACE International Scholarship

W. G. and Beatrice Nicholson Memorial Scholarship

Melvin O. Nuss Academic Award

Loren and Maxine Pease Scholarship Fund

Rosalie Jean Pennington Memorial Scholarship

Post Rock Jaycees Basics Program Scholarship

Ralph & Michael Raffelock Memorial Scholarship

Monica Bell Reser Memorial Scholarship

William and Johanna Rinker Nursing Scholarship

W. R. and Yvonne Robbins Scholarship in Financial Management

Mamie Robl Memorial Scholarship

Grace Rowden Scholarship

Tony and Edna Schartz Memorial Scholarship

Donna Schmidt Memorial Scholarship

Fred and Renee Schmitt Memorial Scholarship

Glen A. Schuetz Family Scholarship

Larry and Kathy Schugart Endowed Scholarship

Genevieve Schulz Memorial Scholarship

Ray “Jiggs” Schulz Memorial Scholarship

Carl W. Sebits Scholarship in Business Administration

L.E. “Gus” Shafer Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Silver Cougar Club Scholarship

Frank L. and Lelia M. Smith Scholarship Fund

Bill E. Sowles Memorial Scholarship

Lisa Spatz-Smith Memorial Scholarship

Walter and Betty Straub Scholarship

Sunflower Bank Scholarship

Superior Essex Academic Award

George Tregellas Chairman’s Scholarship

George and Cleo Tregellas Scholarship in Music

Landon Unruh Memorial Scholarship

Loren and Gayle Unruh Scholarship

Frank (Ryan) Vondra Scholarship

Vocal / Instrumental Music Scholarship

Dean Wells Memorial Scholarship

William C. Wells Memorial Scholarship

Western Kansas Manufacturers Scholarship

Don and Phyllis Whelan Academic Award

Larry Zinn Scholarship

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