Program Enhancements

The Foundation does so much more than just offer scholarships - we look at the need of the different instructional departments and financially assist in making improvements to the student's learning experience while at Barton.  Below are just a few examples of the variety of gifts that the Foundation has been able to give to the College. 

A link to the forms necessary for Barton Community College employees to apply for funding requests is provided in the right side bar.  There is also a fundraising approval form, which is required prior to college fundraising endeavors conducted outside of the Barton Community College Foundation.


Drum Roll for the Drumline

The Board of Directors approved a funding request to assist in purchasing drum line equipment to enhance recruiting, offer a popular performance venue to musicians enrolled in performance classes, and negate the need to borrow equipment. Steve Lueth, Director of Instrumental Activities, made the request because they did not have enough in their yearly allocated budget; however, he feels this will be a positive enhancement to his program and public performances. The Foundation donated almost half the cost of the drums. The purchase will include two field snares, two marching quad drums and four bass drums. This addition to the music program will serve about 20 current students along with many future participants. Each year the Foundation approves funds and sets aside the money to be used for special funding requests for projects that the faculty may need to improve their programs, which will enhance their opportunities to involve students or be used for recruiting new students to Barton. We are anxious to have the drum line participate in campus activities and events, and look forwad to hearing them perform.


New Cute Couple on Campus

The Foundation Board of Directors received a proposal from the cheer coach, Stephanie Joiner, requesting funds to purchase a new Bart uniform because there were no funds in her operations budget, and yet she knew the old Bart uniform couldn't last much longer due to wear and tear; he also looked old and outdated.  In the discussion to purchase a new uniform, the directors felt like they should buy a new Miss Kitty uniform at the same time so they would be a matching pair.  Ms. Joiner determined the look she wanted and was thrilled to order both uniforms. 



2012-2013 Faculty Mini-Grants Awarded

Sporting Clay Shoot Proceeds Fund Faculty Mini-Grants

Each academic year when a college instructor starts their class preparations and looks at their own department budget, they start a wish list of what they could do if they just had a piece of equipment or the opportunity to use a new innovative technique for a better teaching and learning experience. Each fall, the Foundation allows the instructor to apply for a mini-grant to purchase that special item which can make a difference in their teaching efforts.

In the 2012/13 academic year, several faculty mini grants totaling almost $10,000 were fully or partially funded for that purpose from the proceeds of the Foundation Sporting Clay Shoot event.

They include:

Eric Bundy, Fort Riley - Tablet Screen Shields

Carol Crockett, Nursing Department - Traveling CNA Kit

Karole Erikson, Keyboard/Music Department - Dampp Chaser

Bill Forst, Art Department - Kiln Shelves

Vern Fryberger, Vocal/Music Department - Digital Audio Mixing Board

Stephannie Goerl, English Department - DVD's

Dee Holman, ESOL/English Department - Language Games

Linda McCaffery - History Department - DVD's

Bill Nash, Fort Riley - Lab Kits

Evelyn Parker, Nursing Department - Bed Side Table

Erin Renard, Drama/Theatre Department - Plays, Props, Makeup & Tools

Karyl White, EMS Department - Speaker Fees



Library Renovation Project

"Changing Lives - Changing Communities"


 As most of our constituents, donors and community citizens know, the College has taken on the huge task of renovating the library on campus. The Foundation board is the catalyst for the fund raising efforts on behalf of the College supporters. In the past we have conducted several private fund raising efforts, personal conversations and solicited support for this necessary endeavor. Our motto, "Changing Lives - Changing Communities" reflects our pledge to provide area students with the most relevant and innovative opportunities to assist them in achieving their educational goals. To help in that effort we know the importance of "showing appreciation" to our wonderful donors. We have received many wonderful gifts and utilized naming opportunities. To recognize the monetary gifts we have a "Tree of Knowledge", which is a beautiful sculpture with inscriptions of donors who have been so kind to support the importance of education.

The Dove Family graciously purchased this sculpture from an excellent Artist, Sanford Werfel. The inscription on the book that lies beside the Tree of Knowledge says it all........the philanthropist understands it so well and feels it in their hearts...."The gift of knowledge is a legacy from present to future generations". Our genuine goal is to restore the library and its resources to the state-of-art level that is required to meet the diversified educational requirements of today's students. The library is the academic heart of the college and is the most critical element for the future of the college.

The fundraising efforts are still very prominent and important. We continue to receive donations, still have naming opportunities, and would love to fill our tree with leaves from individuals or businesses that share in our belief of making our communities better by educating our citizens of tomorrow.

Please come to the library to see our donor wall, it speaks so well for our faculty, staff, and community society.  Please take a moment to read our brochure, which gives additional information about this renovation project.

Name Recognition Opportunities:
Gold Leaves - $500 - $999
Bronze Leaves - $1,000-$2,999
Crown Acorns - $3,000 - $5,999
Golden Acorns - $6,000 - $8,999
Donor Stones - $9,000 - $15,999
Contributor Stones - $16,000-$22,999
Benefactor Stones - $23,000-$29,999



We also have special room recognition plaques to compliment the tree sculpture.



To read about other program enhancements, please select the links below.


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