About the AEF Campaign

Annual Academic Enrichment Fund Campaign

"Create A Legacy"

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The Academic Enrichment Fund Campaign (AEF) is an annual appeal for private charitable support to provide the extra resources necessary for academic scholarships and program enhancements. This campaign, conducted during the month of March, is carried out as a direct mail solicitation of college vendors, previous donors and potential new donors.

The letter sent out in the direct mail campaign is written by the campaign co-chairs. They share their reason for involvement and the importance of supporting Barton Community College. Each letter also contains a donation form, so donors may designate how they wish their gift to be used (scholarships, a specific department, endowments etc.). If no designation is indicated the funds go into the general fund of the AEF and are used as previously mentioned for scholarship and program enhancements. Many of the donors who support annually funded scholarships use the AEF Campaign as the vehicle for those donations. Although this campaign is the focus of philanthropic giving for the month of March, donations and pledges are received for an entire year, giving the donor flexibility as to when they wish to make their donation.

The AEF offers life changing opportunities that will impact the lives of Barton students and therefore impact the communities they will serve in the future.  Please consider this opportunity to contribute to a student's success by contacting Coleen Cape at 620-786-1136 or capec@bartonccc.edu.  You may also complete and return our contribution form.






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