Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation has a volunteer board of 15 community leaders serving from several surrounding towns. Each director brings to the group a diversified degree of educational background, talent, business experience, and opinions. This ensures the Foundation board has a solid background in decision making processes and a full understanding of the Foundation and Barton College's mission statements. Each will serve a three year term and has the option of serving two terms before stepping down for at least one year.


Sylvan Bleeker  Dan Boone  Lana Dietz Rob Dove  
Judy Fox
Sylvan Bleeker Dan Boone  Lana Dietz

Rob Dove
2nd Vice Chair

Judy Fox
1st Vice Chair

Troy Griffith  Tim Hammeke  Dee Holman  Lynda Jamison Debbie Niedens
Troy Griffith Tim Hammeke Dee Holman Lynda Jamison

Debbie Niedens

Robert Peter  Chad Premer  Diana Sunley Travis Thompson   Jim Vopat
Robert Peter Chad Premer Diana Sunley Travis Thompson Jim Vopat



1. FINANCE AND FUND RAISING: Develops, approves, and monitors the Foundation's annual strategic plan. Actively participates in fund-raising activities to achieve Foundation goals.

2. GOVERNANCE AND POLICY: Ensures that the Foundation is operating within adopted By-laws. Approves all policies affecting the operations of the Foundation.

3. PLANNING AND EVALUATION: Sets long-range agendas for the Foundation. Regularly monitors progress toward meeting goals and objectives. Ensures activities of the Foundation are consistent with mission and goals.

4. BOARD DEVELOPMENT: Become familiar with By-laws and duties of the role they are to perform as a Board member. Elects all officers of the Board. Ensures that officers serve proper terms.

5. COMMUNITY RELATIONS: Serves as a knowledgeable advocate for the Foundation in the community. Establish major projects and monitors its public relations activities.

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