General Campus Policies

Read below for general policies and procedures covering topics including Harassment, Personal Appearance, School Closing, Campus Safety I.D. Policy, Traffic Enforcement Policy, and Victim Support Services.


The College is committed to providing a learning and working environment that is free from all forms of discrimination and conduct that can be considered harassing, coercive, or disruptive, including sexual harassment. Actions, words, jokes, or comments based on an individual's sex, race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated either to or by College employees. The College shall provide ongoing anti-harassment training to ensure its learning and working environment is free of sexual and other unlawful harassment.

What is sexual harassment?

By definition, sexual harassment may be described as unwanted, unwelcome, inappropriate or irrelevant sexual or gender-based activities or comments when:

  1. Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly as a term or condition of the individual's employment, or a factor in the educational program of a student; or
  2. Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as a basis of employment or education decisions; or
  3. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of interfering with work or educational performance; or
  4. Such conduct creates an intimidating, hostile, offensive or demeaning environment.

Proposed Standards

Sexual harassment of employees and/or student is a violation of federal and state laws (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title IX of the Educational Amendment of 1972). Barton Community College holds that no member of the college community may sexually harass another. In compliance with nondiscrimination laws, the College regards freedom from sexual harassment to be
a safeguarded right of the individual employee and/or student. Any violation of these standards will bring disciplinary action upon the employee and/or student. Retaliation against any person making sexual harassment complaint, regardless of the outcome, is strictly forbidden. The confidentiality of both parties involved, as well as the resolution of the problem, will be protected as much as possible.

Anti-Harassment Policy   |   Anti-Harassment Procedure

Personal Appearance

The College recognizes that a wide variety of personal styles, concerning appearance and clothing, are generally accepted in the local community. You should be guided in your personal appearance by your plans for part-time jobs while at the College or for full-time employment upon leaving the College. Shirts and shoes must be worn in all buildings.

Access to Campus Facilities

The Barton Community College Campus Safety Department controls access to College facilities. After-hours access to academic buildings is allowed only to personnel who have a legal and legitimate reason to be in the buildings after hours. Students who need to stay late inside one of the buildings must have permission from a College official to remain inside the building. Anyone found inside a building at closing time without permission will have to leave upon request of the Campus Safety Officer.

Anyone needing to remain inside the building after hours should:

  • Have the College official who has granted permission contact the Campus Safety Office and advise the Campus Safety Officer that the person will be staying late.


School Closing

School Closing Policy

Campus Safety I.D. Policy

Faculty, Staff, and Students of Barton Community College may be required to show their College I.D. to campus safety personnel on an as needed basis. We are implementing this policy for the safety and well being of the entire College Community. Please remember to have your college I.D. handy at all times.

Traffic Enforcement Policy

The Board of Trustees of Barton Community College has given the Director of Campus Safety the authority and responsibility to control and regulate traffic on property owned or controlled by the College. Rules must be established and followed so as to control traffic and parking while on College property. The following is a general outline of the traffic and parking policy of Barton Community College.

Traffic Control

Traffic control signs are placed throughout the college campus. These signs all conform to Kansas Statutes in K.S.A. Chapter 8, which is the chapter that deals with traffic signing and traffic control. All signs are approved by the State Highway Traffic code as authorized signs and are all recognized traffic control signs.

Signs are placed so as to control traffic in the safest possible manner without being a burden upon any person wanting to drive upon the campus. Violations of traffic control signs (speeding, no parking, fire zones, disability parking, etc.) may either be handled by a citation issued and taken care of internally through the college or may be subject to a Traffic Infraction as set forth in Kansas Statute K.S.A. Chapter 8 and a citation issued to Barton County District Court.

Further, legally recognized traffic control, such as curbs painted yellow, parking stalls painted blue with a wheel chair symbol, yellow painted areas adjacent to fire plugs etc. will all be enforced and persons parking in these areas will be subject to a citation being issued as described in the previous paragraph.

No motor vehicle, including but not limited to, motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters, or motorized bicycles will be allowed to operate on sidewalks, pedestrian walks, lawns or grassy areas on campus except for authorized motor vehicles operated by College officials while engaged in business for the College, or utility vehicles operated at the direction of a College official.

Parking Lots

Unlike most other colleges and universities there are no parking stickers required except for housing students. There is no reserved parking for faculty, staff or student personnel with the exception of the lot on the east side of the Technical Building which is restricted to vehicles owned and operated by Barton Community College and the lots located between and east of the student housing area. Housing students are expected to park in the parking lots provided for them and for which they are issued a parking permit. Other students, faculty and staff are not permitted to park in the student housing parking lots with the exception of the Coordinator of Student Housing and the Assistant Coordinator of Student Housing.

In the few lots where parking is restricted, each area is clearly marked with signs designating the parking restrictions and will be enforced.

Disability Parking

Students, faculty and staff with permanent or temporary health disabilities that impair their mobility may receive special parking privileges. Those persons who have a physical disability may park in an authorized disability zone while displaying either an official rear mirror disability placard or license tag issued by the State of Kansas. Campus Safety will issue a temporary permit. The permit may be picked up at the Campus Safety Office in the Technical Building, Room 154.

Any person caught using an official disability permit or tag who is not impaired or anyone using a forged permit will be issued a Notice to Appear in Barton County District Court.

Payment of Fines

Fines, having been previously set, are noted on the citation issued by a Campus Safety Officer. Fines are due and payable within fourteen (14) days of the date of the citation. Fines may be paid any weekday during normal working hours at the Business Office located in the Kirkman Activity Center. Fines may also be paid by mail with a personal check or money order made payable to Barton Community College, and addressed to Business Office, Barton Community College, 245 NE 30 RD, Great Bend, KS 67530.

Fines not paid within fourteen (14) days of the citation being issued will have an additional $5.00 fine added to the original fine unless an appeal is requested. (see section under APPEALS)

If a person requests an appeal hearing within the 14 day limit after the issuance of the citation and posts the $5.00 appeal hearing fee the addition $5.00 fine will be suspended.

Students who do not pay fines within 30 days of the citation may not be allowed to add, drop or change classes until such time as the fine is paid in full. Also, students may be denied enrollment for another semester as long as the fine is unpaid.

Any student who leaves this college without paying an outstanding fine will be unable to have his or her transcript transferred to any other school so long as the fine is unpaid.

Student Housing Parking 
Residential parking is confined to the following areas:

a. East of Sunflower Halls
b. North Meadowlark Halls
c. Between Cottonwood Hall & Bluestem Hall

Parking in these housing parking lots at any time is restricted to vehicles that have residential parking stickers or temporary visitors parking permit. Vehicles parked in these lots without the proper stickers or permits are subject to tickets and fines.

No overnight parking:

  1. Seminar Parking lot north of Sunflower Halls,
  2. Fine Arts Building parking lot
  3. Student Union/Classroom Building parking lot.

No overnight parking is from midnight till 6:00a.m. The same time as labeled for overnight visitation. 

Parking stickers are required and may be obtained at no charge from Campus Safety.  Visitors will also need a parking pass before taking a space in one of the housing parking areas. 

Parking stickers are to be placed on the bottom corner of the driver’s side of the rear window.  Visitor’s parking pass must be placed on the front dash. 

Permits must be displayed at all times when parked in the student housing parking areas.  Vehicles that display parking permits which are not in the designated location will be considered invalid and a citation may be issued.  No vehicles are allowed to park or drive on the sidewalks or grass. There’s camera coverage in the large parking lot between the Cottonwood & Bluestem Halls.

Handicapped Parking: Those persons with state issued disabled parking license or placard may park in an authorized disabled parking zone while displaying either the official rearview mirror hanging placard or license tag issued by the State of Kansas. Campus Safety will issue a temporary permit. The permit may be picked up at the Campus Safety Office located in the Technical Building, Room 154.   Unmarked vehicles will be fined.

 Citation Appeals

Anyone wishing to appeal his or her citation at Barton Community College may do so by appearing before an appeals board consisting of student, faculty and staff personnel. The appeals hearing will be held periodically at a time and place to be announced to any person wishing to appeal his or her citation.

Anyone wishing to appeal his or her citation must notify the Business Office orally or in writing within fourteen (14) days of the issuance of the citation.

Those wishing to appeal will be required to post a $5.00 appeal hearing fee at the time the appeal is requested. A date and time for the appeal will be set and the person will be notified as to the date and time of the appeal. At the time of the appeal hearing, the $5.00 fee will be returned to the person asking for the hearing. If the person requesting the appeal hearing does not appear for the hearing, the $5.00 fee will be forfeited to the College and any and all fines will become payable immediately.

Victim Support Services

Assistance is available to any student, staff member or visitor who has been a victim of or witness to a crime. This assistance includes a variety of counseling and support services, both through the college as well as city and county. The College is committed to easing the feelings of vulnerability that a person may experience as a victim or witness of a crime and to ensuring that he or she is treated with consideration, respect and sensitivity.