Charge to Students, Faculty, and Administration

Attendance at a tax-supported institution of postsecondary education is not compulsory, so it must be considered to be optional and voluntary. By voluntary attendance at this institution, you assume the obligations of performance and behavior reasonably imposed by the rules and regulations of Barton County Community College relevant to its lawful function.

The Board of Trustees recognizes the desire of students, faculty, and administrators for involvement in a relevant college program. They recommend that students, faculty, and administrators use tolerance in arriving at the goals desired by each. Student involvement in affairs of the College will be encouraged, and avenues of communication will be provided for, but student, faculty, and administrative abuse of the democratic process will be firmly resisted.

The Board, therefore, directs faculty and administration to carry out their assignments so as to avoid discrimination, deprival of due process, or capricious, clearly unreasonable, or unlawful actions. It wishes to emphasize that no person may, without liability to lawful discipline, intentionally act to impair or prevent the accomplishment of any lawful function of Barton County Community College. Any student who willfully or knowingly causes destruction of College property, or who disrupts the orderly and ongoing process of the institution will face immediate suspension or dismissal.

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