Student Openings


Applications for on-campus student employment positions may be obtained in the Career Center, Office of Human Resources or by printing one from here . Completed applications should be returned to:

Career Center - Located in the Learning Resource Center
Barton Community College
245 NE 30 Rd.
Great Bend, Kansas 67530

For a listing of current Student Employment positions, click here.


Student Employment

Student employees are paid once a month, as part of the hourly payroll, on the first Friday of every month. Prior to starting work, student employees must complete the required payroll forms, in their entirety, in the Office of Human Resources.

Prior to each payroll, students must turn in their completed time sheets to the Office of Human Resources for processing by the designated deadlines. On payday, paychecks will be distributed to student employees by the Business Office. The Business Office is located in the office complex of the Kirkman Visitor Center. The Business Office may be reached by telephone at (620) 792-9316.

For more information on pay periods, turn-in times, or pay dates, please refer to the Hourly Employees Pay Calendar. A copy of this calendar may be obtained from the student employee's supervisor, the Office of Human Resources, the Business Office or by clicking here.

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